Test Your Knowledge

We are so pleased to share with you that our Language of the Month series is returning with a range of events, online content and interviews to inspire you. Let us release the linguist in you as we discover the plethora of Languages on offer at Morley!

Our September Language of the Month is Portuguese and to get us started we thought we would test your knowledge with this fun quiz..

To start, watch this video for the clues to our activities below

Match the pictures with the ingredients

a- xícara

b – ovos

c- leite

d- óleo 

e- queijo ralado  

f- sal

g- água

h- tapioca

Match the sentences

Example: (10j) Finalmente, vamos experimentar? = let’s shall we it?

 1Boil the liquid ingredients. aMisture bem.
 2Add to the tapioca. bAdicione o queijo ralado.
 3Stir/mix well. cColoque em forminhas ou faça bolinhas.
 4Add the salt. dAcrescente o sal.
 5Add the eggs. eAcrescente sobre a tapioca (flour).
 6Add the grated cheese. fMexa até ficar consistente.
 7Mix until thick. gAsse em forno médio até dourar.
 8Put in cupcake moulds or make little balls. hFerva os ingredients líquidos.
 9Bake in a medium heat until golden iAdicione os ovos.
 10Finalmente, vamos experimentar? jFinnally, shall we try it?

Can you now translate these words into English?

800 g de tapioca 

1 xícara de água

1 xícara de leite

meia xícara de óleo

sal a gosto


Match the pictures with the ingredients


1b, 2e, 3f, 4a, 5d, 6c, 7h, 8g

Match the sentences

Answers: 1h, 2e, 3a, 4d, 5i, 6b, 7f, 8c



800 g de tapioca      
1 xícara de água
1 xícara de leite
Meia xícara de óleo
sal a gosto 
800g of tapioca (flour)
1 cup of water
1 cup of milk
Half a cup of oil
Salt to taste 

Let us release the linguist in you on one of our specialist Portuguese language courses at Morley!