Student Spotlight: Pip Mayo

We asked HNC Student Pip Mayo about her time at Morley and her advice on how to make the most of the experience:

My advice would be to get in as much technical, practical training as you possibly can before doing the HNC. Short courses, non accredited courses like Professional Millinery, Level 1, Level 2 at Chelsea, or private workshops all provide a good base. Do everything you can.

The HNC is intense, demanding, and expensive, and is geared towards joining the profession. Having said that it is an amazing course which will stretch you in areas you may not have even thought about before, particularly in design, and other practical aspects of the business of becoming a milliner.   

During the HNC (pre-Covid) I became Millinery assistant to Camilla Rose @camillarosemillinery although this stopped when lockdown happened. I work as occasional assistant for Judy Bentinck and as intern with Ian Bennett.  

I am currently on the waiting list for a studio as I feel this is the best way forward for me, to be able to work at my own pace but in a creative atmosphere, rather than work from home. I’m investigating how I can get some seed money to set up my business.  

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