Student Spotlight: Kabir Rattu

Kabir Rattu always wanted to be a doctor from an early age. 

And it was this desire to help people that drove the 28-year-old to overcome the challenges of the past year and enabled him to take a step closer to that dream.

Kabir this week received Morley College London Waterloo campus’ Outstanding Achievement Award for his work studying Access to HE Medicine & Medical Bioscience course. 

Based in Uxbridge, Kabir originally worked in database development and architecture: “I did enjoy it initiallyit’s a great career to have, but I started losing interest as it wasn’t a passion of mine.

“I never felt fulfilled with helping investment banks make financially beneficial decisions, as that was the aim of my job. That wasn’t what I wanted out of life. To me, being a doctor was always a passion of mine. And if I achieve that, then I can move on to either save or at least better hundreds, if not thousands of lives, depending on the opportunities I takon.”

Kabir says he wasn’t in a position to study medicine at 18. But as it turns out, he thinks he’s in a better position now he’s 28.

That he was an adult in an existing career meant he was more focused on succeeding as he was risking more. “My career was paying very well. I was getting regular promotions and had saved up for a deposit on a house. When I made this decision, I had to step down from working full time and that money now goes towards my degree. And so I was giving up on my career progression and hopes of owning a house. Taking those risks meant the least I could do is give studying my full attention for the year.”

And he thinks lockdown helped. “My classmates: Ana, Elvan, Francene and Rubeena, and I all agree that COVID oddly helped us in the sense that there were far fewer distractions while we studied.”

But the risk has paid off, and he’s been accepted to attend St George’s University of London for Medicine later this year.

Kabir was particularly appreciative of the teaching staff at Morley: “The tutors were amazing. It’s just really refreshing when you’ve got tutors who genuinely want to see you succeed and will do whatever they can to make that happen. So it was a very positive experience.”

“I’ve changed my life around in one academic year, not many people can say that.”

Dr Fiona Murray, Morley’s Waterloo Programme Manager for Science said: “Kabir has been a pleasure to have on the course this year! He has worked really hard and obtained an outstanding grade profile. We wish him all the very best at medical school.”