Sheila’s social journey to mentoring

Sheila Fallon joined Morley College’s Level 1 Mentoring course in February this year. As a full-time carer for her husband and feeling isolated by repeated lockdowns, she had joined Age UK Lambeth’s online community, MySocial.

Designed to help local residents get connected, Sheila frst joined a Together in Conversation group. She describes the positive impact of doing this, saying, “I have met so many different people that I would not normally meet. It is so enriching and interesting to hear different views and experiences.”

It was through MySocial that Sheila became interested in Morley College’s Mentoring course. She says, “Mentoring is a great life skill and I think I have a lot to offer”. The fact that the course was delivered online was a further beneft, as Sheila is not able to attend in-class lessons due to her caring responsibilities.

Sheila thoroughly enjoyed the course and says, “I am the eternal student, always eager to learn new things. The course has taught me a lot about myself. It will also beneft my family because I will do more active listening and be more thoughtful with my responses.”

Sheila also appreciated the digital help she got from Morley College’s ICT tutor Richard Lackrage (who is also providing IT support to any Lambeth learner – see page 3 for details). Although she had some basic IT skills, she needed help with course elements such as word processing so that she could submit her assignments. Sheila says, “Having Richard to support me was terrifc. I would have really struggled if he wasn’t there to help me. He helped me with so many things such as editing, creating folders, using One Drive and much more. I really improved my IT skills while on the course.”

Sheila completed her NCFE Level 1 Award in Mentoring in April 2021 and is very proud of her success. She plans to use her new skills by giving back to MySocial. She says, “MySocial are putting together a volunteer programme for the group so that we can practise our mentoring skills and help others. I’ll be shadowing a more experienced mentor frst to gain confdence and then I’ll be able to start helping others.”

Her new mentoring and digital skills have fred Sheila up for the future. She says, “I plan to enrol on more courses including how to host a Zoom meeting and walking for exercise. I also can’t wait to contribute more to the MySocial groups and events”.

Find out more about Morley College’s Peer Mentoring and other programmes by contacting commmunity@morleycollege. or 07395 336234.

Find out more about MySocial at