The Virtual Travels of Morley

This week, we brought you 5 days of Virtual Travels. Helping you to escape in your mind through the power of language and learning about different world cultures through music, dance, photography and more.

We started the week with a taste of Swahili followed by Spanish. A virtual visit to World Heritage Site Mexico City and a virtual day in Venice practising our Italian filled the middle of our week. We explored our very own home town of London through our Lambeth Virtual Tour. And to finish the week, our Arabic tutor taught some basic greetings.

We hope this week has brought the joy of languages and travel to your home and given you a taste of our offering at Morley College London.

Learning a language opens a door to so many opportunities; career prospects; getting to know your community; enjoy global culture; explore the world.

Whether you’re hoping to move abroad for work, chat to the locals when travelling or impress your Granny by asking for stories in her mother tongue, you can reap the benefits of a multilingual life with language courses at Morley. Come and explore what we have to offer.

The Virtual Travels of Morley is part of The X of Morley

What are the “X factors” that define life at Morley College London? The X of Morley is a campaign that seeks to find out…

Launched in May 2021, the X of Morley shines a light on the uniqueness that is Morley College London – from “Fashions” to “Diversity”, “Specialisms” to “Creativity”, “Performers” to “RESTARTers”, keep an eye on to discover more in the coming months.