PHOTOLOGY – A contemporary photography exhibition


Chelsea Centre for the Creative Industries, Hortensia Road, SW10 0QS

MAY 21st- JUNE 4th 2021

D-Moon and WillowPR2-Tilly Hunter

PHOTOLOGY  noun.  

A branch of physics that deals with light or the study of light.

(φῶς • (phôs) meaning light and λόγος • (lógos) meanings word, story, reason, cause, subject matter)

If there is one consistent to every photographic exhibition it has to be light, however disparate or diverse the exhibits on show they can only have been produced by its manipulation. 

Although none of us participating in this exhibition would claim an understanding of physics, the technical quality of images displayed are testament to the groups burgeoning mastery of the ’science of photography’.

But photography is much more than a science, a simple balancing act between aperture, ISO and shutter speed. It is also an interpretation, an exploration, an expression, a participation while questioning and embracing the world around us. It is also an art that requires the artist to ‘give of themselves’ in order to communicate with others. Which makes this exhibition very personal to all involved in. 

Welcome, it is our passion but also our privilege with these images to share with you part of us. 

CULTURE CLASH Piotr Misiaszek

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