Tutor Spotlight: Linda Powell

What is your name and role at Morley? How long have you been here?
My name is Linda Powell and I have been at Morley College about 25 years.

What made you choose to work at Morley?
I grew up not far from Morley on the Old Kent Road and was always aware of its history and esteem. I grew up with parents who did/made – my father mending shoes, building cupboards etc and my mother knitting and sewing on a treadle sewing machine, on which I first learnt on. So you could say I was initially self taught.

How have you used your previous experience to inspire your students?
I developed all this practice until my third child started school and I did a full time city and guilds in fashion and design at Westminster College in Battersea.

I then went on to take on a studio, develop collections, show at fashion week when it first started, and organise my own production. The factory lasted 5years and I had clothes in various magazines including vogue.

Since then I have done a fine art degree at Middlesex to study art/creativity and then did a postgraduate in Innovative Pattern Cutting at Central St Martin’s.

This and my samples along the way are what I bring to the classroom to inspire my students.

What do you think is the most important thing to teach students for them to leave with?
The most important thing to give students is enough knowledge and skills to direct themselves.

What’s a future goal for you?
A future goal for me is to keep doing what I do best, teach and listen.

What do they personally like about the College? 
Students like knowing that Morley sets a high standard in teaching that is accessible to all levels.

Why should someone choose Morley to study at rather than another college/provider/institute?
At Morley a student can choose the different areas of learning that suit both their existing skills and their higher goals.

What other skills does the college to assist with students’ careers?
The range of skills taught in fashion at Morley is vast. Hand stitching in millinery, clothes making, tailoring and couture. Working with leather and various fabrics from silk in underwear to stretch.