College to Company

Morley is all about creating opportunities, whether that is dicovering a new found hobby or launching your career.

Maria Gilrou, past student on Clothes making Intermediate & Advanced​, has found great success since her time at Morley.

Over the years Maria has completed many courses with us and teamed with her knowledge from the seamstress’ and tailors on her mother’s side, she took the plunge in 2018 to launch her business ‘MiaandMer‘.

“I left my teaching job (as a Chemistry Teacher) in 2018 & launched my company ‘MiaandMer’ selling clothing inspired by Vintage Fashion Styles of the 1930s & 1940s​”


‘MiaandMer‘ is a successful business with an abundance of amazing reviews, a credit to Maria’s skills.

“These are the most amazing vintage reproduction trousers! The fabric is a lovely, lightweight, drapey wool…The details are lovely, it is so well constructed, great trouser pockets at the hips, and even the zipper looks like a vintage zipper!…Thank you, Maria, for the lovely trousers!”

Etsy Customer

“My courses at Morley have been a huge support to me in retraining for a new career. I have learned so much and had much one-to-one support from my excellent and very generous tutor.”


We have a range of courses in clothes making, from beginners to intermediate and advanced. Why not get started, realise your potential and see what you could create?