Rejuvenate your creativity

How long have you been a student at Morley?

I completed the year long Art Foundation at Morley in 2016. Also a few short courses earlier, learning computer programs.

What have you learnt and taken away from your course?

I joined as a mature student who was still learning the basics of English, with the aim to prepare my portfolio and rejuvenate my creativity before applying to higher education. I was not sure whether to focus on graphic design, illustration, or perhaps fine art.

During the quite intensive Foundation course, I developed a range of practical skills: improvement in drawing and painting, new experience in printmaking and sculpture workshops, and using digital media in a new way. Also, for a first time from ages, I could engage in academic writing, which later become very important for me.

I completed my portfolio to a level interesting enough to successfully go through interviews and secure places in a range of London universities. Eventually I chose BA in Fine Art and History of Art at Goldsmiths, University of London and graduated in 2020 with first class honours.

How do you think your course at Morley has supported your development towards you desired career?

There is no doubt that my time at Morley was crucial for my self-confidence. It was great opportunity to reflect on what really interests me, evaluate what I want and what I can do.

I realised that the intellectual process of preparing work, or designing it as I would say, is no less fascinating than intuitive execution. I also focused on how important the geometrical order is in my works and that abstraction interests me more than figurative work.

What do you think makes Morley special?

As it is an adult learning institution the age range of the cohort was far more appropriate than what I found later at university. We had a great time together and I am still in contact with some of my fellow students.

All the tutors were truly supportive, and I want to thank personally Sarita Agar for her encouragement and advice. Also, the facilities at Morley are great, and its location in central London could not be better.

Who is your favourite artist and how do they inspire your work?

I am afraid it will not be very original for my favourite aspiring abstract artist if I say Bridget Riley. But she is one of the most important to me. I love how her seemingly simple works are evidence of meticulous preparations and deeply intellectual process.

I think it is obvious that hard edge abstraction inspires me. So, I could also mention Frank Stella, Leon Polk Smith, Sean Scully, Dóra Maurer, Rana Begum, Lothar Götz and many others.

Lothar says that abstraction has a political aspect which I agree with and I attempted to express it in my works for degree show last year, inspired by lockdown. I really enjoyed making those murals.

I am also very interested in architecture and urban artistic interventions, so am following practices on the verge between design and art, such as those of Yinka Ilori and Camille Walala.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am completing my MA in graphic design. The course, despite being part-time, is quite demanding, with a new creative task every week. There is not much time left for artistic practice, but I am trying not to neglect it. However it is not easy without the access to studio space, and in the current, rather depressing, atmosphere.

As it looks like this is going to change soon, I hope better times are ahead.

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