Student Spotlight – Iliana Ortega-Alcázar

What is your process for creating your work, tell us how you go from idea to final piece.

I work mainly in 2D, involving printing, painting and mixed media. I am interested in exploring contemporary social issues through my practice. So, my work often starts with a question or theme that I want to engage with. I have been working on the issue of home and belonging among migrant communities; the labour that goes into building a sense of home and its fragility. At the start of a project, I don’t have a clear idea of what piece(s) I will create. I spend some time experimenting with several ideas and mediums in response to my theme. It is important to me that the processes and mediums that I will incorporate in my final piece(s) resonate with the ideas or concepts that I am looking into. It is from this process of making that an idea for a piece emerges. I then move on to develop this idea, and focus on formal aspects such as composition.

How long have you been a student at Morley?

I came to Morley in 2018 to do a short painting course. I really enjoyed this experience and decided to move on to do the Pre-Foundation in Art in 2019. This was a real eye opener for me, it opened the possibility of further exploring a path in Fine Art. So I stayed on at Morley for the UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. The Art Foundation Diploma was a great journey of learning and experimenting that gave me the tools and the confidence to move on to do an MA in Fine Art.

What’s your favourite part of studying at Morley?

I really enjoyed being able to complete the Pre-Foundation in Art and the Art Foundation Diploma within a very supportive community of tutors and fellow students.  A valuable thing I took from Morley is a long-lasting group of friends and peers. Being part of a small group was beneficial as we received a lot of support from Morley’s very experienced tutors. Both during the Pre-Foundation and the Art Foundation Diploma, I liked that we were introduced to a breath of subject areas – such as drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and textiles. I really benefitted from the emphasis placed on experimenting and in developing the tools that are necessary in order to initiate a personal project and bring it to completion.

Our Pre Foundation in Art provides those with an interest in art and design with the opportunity to explore materials, methods and processes, and to begin to develop practical skills within an art context. An opportunity to test their commitment and interest in the subject and explore and develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required for progression within art and design education.

The Art Foundation Diploma at Morley College London is an intensive programme of study in fine art, accredited by UAL London. Expand your experience, knowledge and skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, digital media, mixed media (textiles), and contextual studies, and build a portfolio to gain a place at University. Start your journey today