Revival of the art of making mosaics

Jorg Wagner – Filmmaking Tutor and Technician for the Access to HE Creative Digital Media is the producer and director of a new documentary in the making that explores the revival of the art of making mosaics in England and its use for religious and artistic purposes.

Hired by the ‘Sacred Art Mosaics Trust’ Jorg will be filming, photographing anddocumenting a specific way of mosaic making using gold leaves sandwiched in glass that will ornament some churches in England.

The ultimate object of this project is the completion of the mosaics of Westminster Cathedral, which at eight thousand square metres will be the biggest mosaic project since the ‘Hagia Sophia’ over a millennium and a half ago. Such an undertaking will require considerable financial, technical, craft and artistic resources.  

A website for the project is under development and we cannot wait to see the amazing work being produced!

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