Unseen Success for Programme Manager

Steve Mepsted Programme Manager for Digital Media Film and Photography has had his photography featured in Issue 6 of Unseen Magazine.

Unseen magazine is the biannual publishing extension of Unseen Platform based in Amsterdam. Its philosophy is to enrich a two-way conversation between contemporary photographic art and its audiences, and is full of in-depth stories that strike a balance between image and words, focusing on the ‘unseen’ journey from idea to artwork.

Issue 6
Charting key developments at the forefront of contemporary photography, ‘Unseen Magazine’ invites a selection of instrumental voices to provide their take on the position of the medium today. 

Steves photograph accompanies an article by Lewis Bush on how artists/photographers are responding to urban change and gentrification in the city.

Steve’s work is particularly concerned with the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Head over to his website to see his amazing work including Smoke and Mirrors.
A series drawing attention to a disaster which demands to be remembered, a massive fire that engulfed the 24-storey Grenfell Tower public housing estate in 2017, killing 72 of its inhabitants. As a local resident constantly reminded of these events by the tower’s looming presence, Mepsted’s work feels both like an attempt to process a disaster symptomatic of London’s inequalities and directly aggravated by them, while calling on others to remember what happened.

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