“Inspired me to continue learning the language”

Russian is a fantastic language but is widely believed to be one of the most difficult languages to learn, if you have no knowledge of other Slavic languages (e.g. Bulgarian or Czech). However we have a selection of very talented tutors who have de-mystified the learning of Russian and created a supportive and successful learning experience here at Morley.

Here from some of our students about their time learning Russian with us:

“I was really impressed by the Russian Stage 1 class. I don’t particularly like online formats such as Google Meet and Zoom but Anna, the class teacher, was very patient, despite the fact that many of us, particularly me, found the alphabet and pronunciation difficult. She made sure that we all participated fully in the class and she was very encouraging. The course content was varied and certainly inspired me to continue learning the language.”

June Barber

I thought you were a very charming and patient teacher. I enjoyed your class. As you know, your class has galvanised me into continuing with Russian. So many thanks to you.

Jill Wakefield

“I was impressed by your friendly and lucid approach in the preliminary course.
I think that you have the strong communication skills in a subject which many of us do not find at all easy.”

Roger Barber

Why not come and try learning Russian with this fun interactive online course which will help you to learn the basics of the language (greetings, personal information, food and drink, numbers and days of the week)?