Learning Mandarin was the highlight of my year

Whether you’re hoping to move abroad for work, chat to the locals when travelling or impress your Granny by asking for stories in her mother tongue, you can reap the benefits of a multilingual life with language courses at Morley.

Chinese is one of the two world languages with over a billion speakers. It is the most used mother tongue on the planet with over 900 million native speakers and more learning it as their second (or more) language.:

Hear about two student’s experience learning Mandarin and why they loved studying with us at Morley

Jonathan Presky: student on Mandarin stage 1 unit 1

“Definitely learning Mandarin was the highlight of my year last year. I have tried learning a little through podcasts and apps before but learning with other people in a class (in a room or online) is so much better. Having a teacher to ask questions and give encouragement and being able to practice with students who also share their ideas and experiences has been so useful and given me so much more motivation.

A few times recently I have been really excited to find myself able to read and understand signs and understand little bits of conversation in the street or in movies.

The experience has definitely made me keen to keep learning and I look forward to being able to go to China someday to put it into practice.”

Erina Elena: student on Mandarin stage 1 unit 1

“I started Mandarin at Morley college in January last year.

All our classes have been a lot of fun. We learnt pinyin, transcription of Chinese characters, practiced pronunciation together, learnt new words and grammar and practiced speaking creating dialogues in pairs and small groups. During all lessons we were provided with handouts to support our learning, were given homework every lesson and were provided with feedback on how we progress.

The lessons were very ingesting and interactive and each time I was looking forward to my weekly Mandarin class.”