Taste for Italia

As a teenager I was infatuated with all things Italian – spaghetti, Cinzano, the Godfather movies – and I dreamed of travelling to Italy. 

My dream came true when I got married and spent my honeymoon in Florence. Part of my wedding planning was to get ‘Italy-ready’ by taking language lessons and this was my introduction to Morley College. Having completed a year of beginners’ classes, my time in Florence was peppered with new found phrases such as “due bicchieri di vino rosso per favore” (two glasses of red wine please), dov’è il duomo? (where is the cathedral?) and “due biglietti dell’autobus per Fiesole” (two bus tickets to Fiesole). 

Get yourself ‘Italy ready’ with our range of courses here at Morley College London

I continued my studies at Morley College and progressed from beginner to intermediate and now enjoy a weekly conversation class that allows me to develop my earlier fascination with all things Italian.  In class, our discussions range across many aspects of Italian life and culture – art, cities, film, food, festivals, music, politics – we even watch the occasional clip from the television series Inspector Montalbano as a special end of term treat!    

Since my original trip to Florence, I have dragged my husband the length and breadth of Italy and to the islands of Capri, Sardinia and Sicily.  In addition to my husband the other essential item I always bring with me on all my visits to La Bella Italia, is everything I’ve learned at Morley College.

Nova Dobb – Student on M563: Italian Proficiency: Conversiamo in Italiano Unit 1

Get yourself ‘Italy ready’ with our range of courses here at Morley College London