2020 has been a funny old year- but we’re determined to end it on a celebratory note! This festive season we’re sharing the joy- big and small- of our Morley community. Get involved with #MerryMorley and let us know what you’re celebrating!

“Securing the first major pledge of support for phase two of our Morley Forward capital appeal just days before the first lockdown. Rebooting the campaign in the Autumn with the support of our campaign patron Joanna Lumley.”

Simon Farley – Fundraising Campaign Director

“Towards the end of this year, we were extremely lucky to be able to move flats. This was a significant size increase and with so much time being spent at home, this has made such a difference to my mental health and general wellbeing. And it has been very exciting to decorate all over again!

I think Morley should be proud of the way we have all come together through this time, everyone has been run off their feet but we have taken it in our stride and been able to have a laugh, produce fantastic work and initiatives and have some great times regardless.

I’m really excited in 2021 to be reunited with my team. Microsoft teams works well but it is not the same as the atmosphere in the office and seeing them all face to face.”

Emily South – Events and Communications Assistant

“This Christmas the catering staff in the Waterloo Café would like to celebrate joining the Morley Family back in September as full-fledged employees of the College.”

Cleo, Abi, Debbie, Jenny, Constance, Julie, Meshach and Imi – Catering Staff at Waterloo Centre

“My proudest moment is the making of the Alegrias Flamenco Dance Film with Morley Flamenco Dance Ensemble – the collaboration, hard work and dedication of the students and all the staff involved. (But I think you might have guessed this from me).

Apart from that, I think my proudest achievement is the way that the students in all classes have adapted so well to online plus (some students in the studio and simultaneously some live on Teams) and the perseverance they have shown in their studies whether studying in college or at home. Also, the use they are making of the opportunities to use videos of their classes and video tutorials to study at home between classes. This has enabled them to really enhance and consolidate their learning journey and most have achieved an incredible amount this term.

So much so that I would like to make this method of delivering learning (options of in studio, live on Teams and study at home via videos of the class and video tutorials) permanent..”

Fenella Barker – Flamenco Tutor at Waterloo

“I got an award in the Morley Staff Awards, how well the college has come together to work as a team to keep our doors “open” during the pandemic, and how the college also supported the NHS.”

Jeffery Azevedo – IT Services Technician

“I’m proud of having been promoted to Quality Enhancement Manager this year and for working on all the calculated grading procedures that helped our students achieve this year despite covid. On a personal level-I used lockdown to take up running and now it’s a regular weekly habit and I love lacing up my trainers on a frosty morning.

I think Morley should be celebrating our amazing ability to adapt to the circumstances and our almost seamless move onto online teaching. It’s a massive achievement!

I’m really looking forward to being able to start coming into college and seeing all my wonderful colleagues again, I have missed everyone so much.

Debbie Ryle – Quality Enhancement Manager (19+ Vocational)

“Well well.. I built a mini bar myself at home… So I don’t miss out on life’s pleasures… I am proud of this.. Dr T’s Wine Bar… @home”

Bolatito Ariyo, Head of Humanities and Applied Sciences

“Inviting new members into the Morley family – Welcoming new team members into MIS, some already started and more in the new year.”

Will Johnson – Head of Information Services

“One of my main achievements this year has been progressing my career at Morley and being promoted to the Events and Alumni Manager. I started at Morley in 2016 and have seen a lot of change, growth and progress over the last 4 years and am very proud to still be part of that.”

Stephanie Conville – Events and Alumni Manager

“We can report on the CPCAB Level 2 Award in Counselling skills which finished last night

We are really proud of this course because the tutors spent the 1st lockdown revising and rewiring the course so that I could be delivered via a blended learning model from September. This model has been a tremendous success. The course is a mixture of in college with social distancing, remote delivery and instructional design for elearning development so that  students could work independently completing a series of interactive online activities specifically written for the course. This approach ensured we maintained the integrity of the qualification and  students achieved meaningful outcomes. The course has achieved 98% achievement .

We celebrated this with students in Emma Conns  last night and are excited that 95% of students are progressing to the next stage in January 2021.”

Sara Stanton – Programme Manager: Health and Social Care

“Over the summer I worked on a project called ‘The Free Artist?‘. It was great to be involved with this group of people.”

Timothy Taylor – Programme Manager: Dance

“This year has had lots of roses among the thorns! I was promoted at the beginning of the year, which was a very proud moment for me. I’ve felt so lucky to be part of our team this year- we’ve weathered the storm with good humour and a really strong sense of camaraderie (even if we haven’t been able to see each other), which has definitely helped us to create some great work.

My podcast, The Imposters Club, grew from strength to strength, and we’ve had some fantastic chats with interesting guests including MPs, actors and entrepreneurs both in-person and remotely-we’re so grateful for Morley Radio!

I’m excited to see what 2021 brings, though I hope it’s a little more peaceful. I think everyone in our community should feel so proud of getting through this mammoth year with smiles still on our faces.”

Sinéad Kennedy Krebs – Communications & Engagement Officer

“During the first lockdown I ran 144.4 miles in 20 days to raise money for The Terrence Higgins Trust who support people living with HIV. In particular this was for the hardship fund for those whose mental health is already impacted by an HIV diagnosis and then further affected by the pandemic.     

The adaptation to teaching and learning in the pandemic. It has been a real test of our individual mettle but also our coming together as a team and college community for the good of our learners.

Now that’s private. But trust me. I’m excited. Mostly”

Craig Hanlon-Smith – North Kensington Centre Principal

“The Morley Heart Gardens is the thing Im most proud of in 2020”

Hannah Jones – Student Experience & Wellbeing Manager