What makes the Waterloo Centre great?

We’re proud of our Waterloo Centre, its history and its place as a hub of learning for Londoners for over 130 years. We chatted to members of our community and they told us everything they love about the Waterloo Centre.

“The Waterloo Centre is where a Lambeth boy, in the late 1970s, was inspired by his Enamelling family learning class to see the value of lifelong learning and the value in the creative process (despite the quality of his Airfix badge). This wonderful experience, still vividly remembered, has driven him through the decades to fight for adult education and to return as Centre Principal over forty years later, finding that Waterloo Centre remains as inspirational as ever.”

Gerald Jones, Waterloo Centre Principal

“What makes the Waterloo Centre great? The lovely, lovely staff! Waterloo is filled with really great people who I am proud to work with.”

Ruby Dempsey, Central Admissions and Student Finance Officer

“For me it’s a cultural hub with its wonderful art, design and music activities which are all very visible and auditory. Our art studios are pretty special and very well looked after by Programme Managers and technicians. There is also a sense of the College’s history through the art collection and murals – and through some of the staff who have been here a very long time!”

Marian Lynch, Programme Manager: Textiles

“Students can come here to learn, display their work to audiences and make friends as they build new skills for life.”

Jack Davy, Gallery & Exhibitions Manager

“The Waterloo Centre offers a complete set of learning and developmental options specifically tailored for adults, across all levels, regardless of their starting point.”

Qasim Kazmi, Director of Marketing and Communications

“The Waterloo Centre welcomes all adult students – it’s a place where you can feel safe, relax, socialise and study your subject from beginners to the highest levels. I have never worked anywhere before with such a wide range of amazing visual arts courses delivered in specialist studios – from beginners Printmaking to a BA in Fashion, from photography to printed Textiles[…] and everything in between. It’s a unique place and students get to show their work in the exhibition spaces throughout the building.”

Sara Robertson-Jonas, Head of School: Visual & Digital Arts

“A unique oasis in the middle of London offering an amazing range of courses and the best atmosphere of any college anywhere.”

Mike Harris, Programme Manager: Humanities

“What makes Waterloo Centre great? The facilities are first class! The centre contains a range of wonderful performance spaces, bespoke studios, and distinctive exhibition spaces such as Morley Gallery, a two story state-of-the-art art gallery in a converted pub. Waterloo has a rich history and, through the planned development works, can look forward to a bright and exciting future.”

Carmen Gray, EA to Chief Digital and Information Officer and EA to Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer

“You can learn a new skill as an adult surrounded by students from all walks of life which creates a unique energy. I’ve had the experience of learning millinery with students that included one of the Queen’s dressers and a former Bond Girl!”

Michelle Punt, Head of Human Resources

“The Waterloo Centre is SE1’s treasure trove of hidden gems… a mission-turned-sculpture gallery, amazing performance spaces, a recording studio, a radio station – the list goes on, and it’s great discovering them all.”

Matthew Cunningham, Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer

“What I love about the Waterloo Centre is the immediate sense of community and welcome that you get right at the door that is then followed by an incredible amount of history and art that so casually inhabit the space.”

Lucas Buchanan, Student Services Assistant

“I feel that it’s one of the few places where people from very different walks of life and backgrounds, who might not necessarily mix in other contexts, are brought together by their curiosity and interests.”

Flavio Livigni, Programme Manager: Jazz

“I visited a class last week- students were learning hand printing, gaining new skills, finding out about paper, inks and how to get best results. The work was exploratory, inventive and fresh. Students were masked, distanced, chatting with each other and joking with the tutor- happy to be with friends and colleagues, to be making something personal and to be away from other worries. That we have adapted and made this possible is what makes Waterloo Centre great.”

Michelle Avison, Programme Manager: Printmaking & Bookbinding

“Our Waterloo Centre offers all the facilities students need and is well-served by public transport, making it easy to get to and from college.”

Maria Lacatus, Programme Manager: Business, Enterprise and Vocational Training

“I personally think the huge variety of people we serve on a daily basis from different background and their uniqueness makes the Waterloo Centre the wonderful community that it is.”

Olugbenga Oyeleye, Facilities Coordinator

“The wide music curriculum offering courses from entry to advanced level, the accomplished, experienced and inspiring music tutors, the achievements of our music students, the variety of performance opportunities, the top-notch equipment of music classrooms, the various modes of delivery of our courses (in centre, online, online+) to suit the learning styles of our students….this is why the Waterloo Centre is a great place to study music!”

Dimitris Karydis, Programme Manager: Classical Music

“The history of community, social justice and creativity at the Waterloo Centre is so inspiring. Walking along the corridors, you hear people learning, making music and enjoying themselves- it’s such a special environment. Our podcast has found a home in Morley Radio and we love it!”

Sinéad Kennedy Krebs, Communications & Engagement Officer and co-host of The Imposters Club on Morley Radio

“What makes our Waterloo Centre great is the fully accessible new entrance that creates such a warm and open welcome to all, so more people than ever can experience the long history and rich heritage of Morley as a centre for adult learning.”

Simon Farley, Fundraising Campaign Director

“The Waterloo Centre is great because of the diversity of our student body. It is a truly special place where students regardless of their age, experience or background can come together to achieve a common goal.”

Fiona Murray, Programme Manager: Science