Student Spotlight; Ruth, HND Fine Art

What are you studying a BA? 

I am studying the HND, as part of the second year of a full BA degree. I did the HNC last year – it was a really good year. The teacher was good and I wanted to continue in the same place. I am already working as an artist, I have done commercial work, but I have not previous done a fine art degree – I do have another degree in literature – but I wanted to get a formal qualification in fine art. I now have the time as my children have grown up to study.

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Could you tell me more about the HND exhibition in the gallery?

We only had six weeks to do the work and I think it was designed to focus us really quickly. We have been looking at conceptual art, in particular ready mades. We all began the project by selecting ready made objects, and I selected artificial birds that are used for decorative reasons. I started to use them for a serious of paintings, which I continued in my own style, but fitting with the task. I painted a series of coloured, abstract, gestural paintings to look like a bird that was going through them. The artificial birds were the side of the paintings to look like it has come out of the paintings. 

My artwork highlights the wildlife depletion in this country because of industrialisation and farming methods and the number of birds are declining. I have received a lot of positive feedback about my paintings and I am very happy. Mainly people see it as a celebration of birds as the painting are very bright and colourful.

From the HNC I am more focused on my work. I think I have more consideration of how I will be as an artist and I am trying to shape my future a bit more. It is more of a serious commitment to pursue this 2nd year of a degree. There are less modules this year, there’s more onus to develop as an artist.  It’s assumed in the 2nd year that it is up to us what to pursue further as we were introduce to things during introductory classes in the HNC, such as printmaking and life drawing, which are not a part of the HND. 

We can take the ideas of what we have learnt in the HNC and put it into our work, so it is more about individual development.