Test your knowledge in our new Specialist Quiz.

This weeks questions are linked to our amazing course offer at our Chelsea Centre. We will test your knowledge and unleash your creativity!

Bring your knowledge and see how you score! Then challenge your friends! Answers at the bottom of this page.

1. Who created the oblique self-portrait “Felt Suit”, displayed on a hanger?
Wolf Vostell, John Cage, Josef Beuys

(This intensive one year diagnostic Level 4 Foundation course provides you with the opportunity to explore a broad field of arts practice before committing to any one particular discipline. )

2. What is the minimum size requirement in cm for ladies hats to be to wear in the royal enclosure at Royal Ascot?
10cm, 12cm, 15cm

(Learn the specialist techniques to make a hat of your own on our Fabric Hats Short Course)

3. What were the most popular photography subjects in the 1800s?
Horses, Teacups, The Deceased

(Do you have ambitions and aspirations of pursuing photography? Join this exciting course and explore, develop and test your creativity. )

4. Who is the director of The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013?
Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick

(You don’t need tons of fancy equipment to start your film making journey. Get started with just the phone in your pocket on this fantastic short course)

5. Which of these is NOT a computer programming language?
Python, Banana, Ruby, Java

(If you enjoy coding, are creative, willing to experiment and driven by the value that technology can add to our lives this is the programme for you.)

6. What do the initials of Fashion Label ‘DKNY’ stand for?
Donna Karan New York, Daphne Kelly New York, Diya Knight New York

(Take this opportunity to study in a highly creative specialist Fashion Foundation programme in Central London that will fully immerse you in all aspects of the creative processes within fashion.)

7. In which American city did the simply names 2,500 seat eSports stadium open in 2018?
Las Vegas Nevada, Anaheim California, Arlington Texas

(The Esports industry is one of the fastest growing sectors on the planet, it’s on course for 1 billion USD income in 2020 alone. Take your first step today and join the exciting new industry)

8. The 1930 Grant wood painting ‘American Gothic’ depicts a woman and a man holding what?
A Pitchfork, An Apple, A Chicken

(Get your creative juices flowing on our Art Introduction course)

9. Which of these colours most accurately matches the formula R=200 G=50 B=200?
Purple, Yellow, Brown

(This exciting course gives you the opportunity to explore across the hugely successful and thrilling world of Design where the UK is a world leader. )

10. 3D printable models are created on what computer programme?
SketchUp, Vectorworks. Autocad

(This course will allow you to explore the rich and diverse world of the creative industries through fields such as Art, Design, Sculpture, Illustration, Fashion and many others.)


  1. Josef Beuys
  2. 10cm
  3. The Deceased
  4. Martin Scorsese
  5. Banana
  6. Donna Karan New York
  7. Arlington Texas
  8. A Pitchfork
  9. Purple
  10. AutoCad