Tutor Spotlight: Eli Anderson, Storytelling at Morley

‘We are born into stories, stories about our conception, our history, about who we are supposed to become,…about our world.’ (Mehl-Madrona, Mainguy 2015) .p.8

An insight into why Storytelling is so important:

Isolating a child, adult or Elder prevents them telling their story. Communities need to be respected. Your wellbeing needs to be valued.

During this watershed moment in history, storytelling offers a dignified
human connection. I have seen Elders in a variety of healthcare settings,
e.g. care homes, hospitals, etc,  finally feel that someone has listened to them. Those tears of numbing confusion in a mental health setting, are given respite during their dreamtime, as a story is being told. Children and young people, smile and laugh through uncomfortable and debilitating conditions, because they genuinely feel able to experience something that makes them genuinely laugh, be inspired and reflect.

Storytelling contributes, initiates and reminds us all that at the heart of
our world is a beauty that weaves us all together, irrespective of geography,
language, heritage, or culture. We have the right to be heard; to share
our lives, loves and liberty.

When we recognise that we are all linked, and our stories hold humanity
to a higher standard, these powerful experiences teach us one thing,
the moment is everything.

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