Why learning a language is good for you

Did you know that learning a foreign language can increase the size of your brain?

Swedish scientists discovered this when they used brain scans to monitor what happens when someone learns a second language. An MRI study showed that certain parts of the brain were bigger in those who had learnt a foreign language – more so than those who had studied equally hard in another subject.

And with that bigger brain comes a better memory. Studies show that bilingual people perform better in memory tasks, and have an increased attention span. Speaking more than one language can even delay the onset of dementia by up to five years, due to the positive effects of keeping your brain active. 

Having something in common is important for our health, too. Studies have found that having a variety of social relationships may help reduce stress and heart-related risks; strong social ties are even linked to a longer life. Plus, having social links helps you to stay motivated and makes you more likely to stick with your learning. So while downloading an app to learn a language might seem easy, social participation is still the core driving force in helping people to become more fluent- even when we’re socially distancing.

Whether you’re hoping to move abroad for work or impress your Granny by asking her for stories in her mother tongue, keeping those social ties strong with regular classes will help you reap the benefits of a multilingual life.

Why learn a language with Morley?

GET TO KNOW YOUR COMMUNITY: Morley offers courses in Yoruba, Swahili, Spanish, Arabic, and many more, so you can learn to chat to the elders in your community and enjoy all their stories.

IMPROVE YOUR CAREER PROSPECTS: Bilingual employees can earn up to 20% more than their monolingual colleagues. Speaking two or more languages fluently helps you stand out from the crowd when jobseeking, and enjoy more opportunities for travel and promotion.

KEEP LONDON OPEN: Experts say that learning another language opens peoples’ minds about other cultures, and helps to create a more tolerant and open society. London is an amazing multicultural and multilingual city; celebrating diversity by learning each other’s languages can secure a brighter future for all Londoners.

ENJOY GLOBAL CULTURE: Impress your friends with your knowledge of the Foreign Language Film category next awards season. Learning a second language can enable you to enjoy international literature, music, art and film.

EXPERIENCE THE WORLD: Expand your study, life, and working abroad options with a second language, and enjoy what most tourists don’t experience when travelling.

From French to Japanese, Swedish to British Sign Language (BSL) and more, choose your language course at Morley this September.