Student Spotlight: Markos Tranakas

UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Fashion and Textiles

Markos has been at the College for two years and is now progressing onto University of Westminster to study Fashion Design.

What is your background before you came to this college?

I came to the College straight from doing my GCSEs. I did study Art & Design which helped me expand my knowledge with Art, but that was the only creative subject I did. I did an internship last summer which helped me expand my skills in fashion.  I interned at a studio last summer where they only make custom-ordered and showpieces, which helped me expand my skills in fashion. I got to see the whole process; from initial designs to the final outcomes. I also used some professional machinery to create some embellishment pieces. I am hoping to secure another internship for this summer before I go to university.

How has this course benefited you, and for your future aspirations?

I feel very lucky to have studied this course because it is very similar to a degree-level course, in particular the amount of work we are doing. The standard of work produced at this College is very high. My tutors guide and encourage me to reach the highest levels in my work. 

The first year was really great as I was able to experiment with the different pathways, so we can decide which one we would focus on in the second year. The second year is very much focused on my chosen pathway and developing my skills within this area. Thus far, it is going really well and I am happy and proud of myself of the work I have created. It is incomparable how far I have progressed from my studies in the first year and the skills I have; I have made extreme progress over this course.

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