Staff Spotlight: Tim Norris

Wood Sculpture Tutor

Lock down itself was good for me

My studio is mostly outdoors, accessible and quite easy to social distance from others. I enjoyed the time to experiment and develop my current projects.

As lock down ended I was asked to finally install my artwork on Chilton fields, Oxfordshire.

I originally won this commission in 2013 and after securing the funding, public backing and planning permission. It has bounced around the offices of the County Council for some 7 years. Due to the tenacity of some community members the project finally came to life on the 2nd June 2020.

 I am working with “Sawscapes” to deliver the installation which includes 100 tons of Ardley Limestone  which is placed into bespoke steel cages and topped with Opepe Timber. Surrounded by excavated soil with grass.

The design is inspired by its proximity to the Ridgeway “Britain’s oldest road” and the synergy with the Harwell Diamond synchrotron, one of the most modern science facilities in the uk.

The design combines the ancient form of earthwork wrapped round a centre reflecting the diamond synchrotron internal structure.

 It is hoped that this sculptural seating/performance area may help to bring the 2 sides of Chilton together. The original medieval village and the newly built village separated by the A34

Work is still in progress,

Come and explore the sculptural possibilities of different kinds of wood, and learn to make your own figurative, abstract or functional items with Tim, here at Morley