September is new year at Morley

September, with its familiar feeling of new school shoes and sharpened pencils, is the perfect time to start the new year. And after the year we’ve been having, hitting the ‘refresh’ button sounds ideal.

As the traditional beginning of the school year, September often makes us think of starting anew. It’s when we’ve always started new subjects or hobbies and neatly scheduled everything into our planners. Each Autumn we’d start afresh with the best of intentions, and make a renewed effort for the new year. And no matter how long it’s been since you left school, this feeling comes back every time you feel that crisp September breeze.

September is a popular time for reinvention and renewed motivation because of something behavioural economists have dubbed the ‘fresh start effect’. Put simply, this principle suggests that it’s easiest to adapt to new habits at natural transition points. There’s something about packing away your summer clothes and shaking out your coat that makes you feel like starting over.

You’re much more likely to actually achieve any resolutions you set yourself in September. Four months to reach a goal feels much more achievable than a full 12-month slog. A lot of us feel motivated to make a change following the uncertainty of the past few months. And the relief of cooler weather can inspire action.

A September new year feels kinder. With less pressure to make a whole year your ‘best ever’, you can focus on finishing 2020 on your own terms. It’s a good time to take stock, plan a few manageable goals and finish the calendar year on a more positive note. 

And if you’re really craving that back to school feeling, why not learn something new this Autumn with Morley? Whether you’re keen to work on your digital skills, gain qualifications for a new career or simply enjoy learning for the fun of it, you can start your journey with Morley.