Co[v]Ping Diaries – Tips from our Community

While we’re away from our beautiful studio in the Waterloo Centre, we’ve been recording your favourite shows from home- in spare rooms, at kitchen tables and even under the stairs! The Co[v]ping Diaries (see what we did there?) is a brand new podcast on Morley Radio keeping in touch with members of our community and getting their top tips for staying positive and busy during these uncertain times- as well as upbeat songs to add to the Co[v]ping playlist.

On taking it day by day: “Every day is a new day… If you are managing to just get through each day without feeling really negative that’s great- don’t put too much pressure on yourself, this is a hard enough time… Whatever way you’re getting through this bizarre period is good.” Harrie Notton, Views from the Loo co-host

On working from home: “You don’t have to be at a specific place at a specific time, so in that way it’s a bit easier. I get fewer interruptions when I’m at home… I can be more focused on what I need to get done.” Nigel Garrigan, Director of Estates

On staying well: “I’ve been doing some (probably really bad) yoga… I do it each morning, I’ve built up to about 20 minutes now and it’s been a really good way to start the day. I still can’t touch my toes, though!” Steve Mepsted, Head of Digital Media, Film and Photography

On routine: “I’ve been going for a walk with a coffee during my normal commuting hour- it’s actually a much nicer way to start the day! Keeping lunch, dinner, exercise etc around the same time as in “normal” life means I only need to worry about navigating smaller chunks of time, which is much less overwhelming.” Sinead Kennedy Krebs, The Imposters Club co-host 

On teaching: “Teaching online has been tricky- there’s no denying it. But it’s kept me busy and given me a focus- for the students it’s been good to be doing something different. Some students have described the classes as a real lifeline- music is very therapeutic, and they’ve found singing to be really good for their mental health during this time” – Una McMahon, singing tutor

On getting creative: “This has been a really good opportunity to get back into drawing and painting. It’s been really good for me- it’s so therapeutic, and I’d forgotten. It’s been so fun, and now I’m getting requests from friends for pictures!” Christy Andrew, Admissions and Student Finance Officer

Our favourite songs to keep you feeling good:

Kiss- Prince

I Believe in Miracles – The Jackson Sisters

Into the Mystic – Van Morrisson

Harder Better Faster Stronger – Daft Punk

Smile – Nat King Cole