Morley Student Award Winners 2020

Welcome to the Morley Student Awards! We are so proud to be celebrating all our amazing students who have worked so hard during their courses at Morley.

We are excited to announce some award winners that celebrate achievement, commitment and potential – you can view our Virtual Awards Ceremony below;

Outstanding achievement award for Unaccredited provision

Winner: Simon Galton

Nominated by: Ruth Dupre | Course: Drawing for beginners

Reason: Simon has the courage to draw and paint in his own unique style. He combines acute observation with an original sense of interpretation which results in some truly moving and original artworks. Simon has had an entirely different career. He has always looked at art, but is now able to express himself visually in an exciting way. It takes courage to dare to be different, and Simon’s work is exceptionally original.  

Outstanding commitment to study award for Foundation Learning

Winner: Tanisha Thomas

Nominated by: Olufunmilayo Mapaderun |Course: Grammar and Spelling  FGR002A

Reason: I would like to nominate Tanisha for her outstanding commitment and excellent attendance. Tanisha works at St Thomas’ Hospital as an auxiliary during the lockdown period.  This, however, did not diminish her enthusiasm and performance on the course.  She maintained a positive attitude throughout.

Outstanding achievement award for Advanced Learning

Winner: Kristina Gilvickyte

Nominated by: Bolatito Ariyo | Course: Medical Administration

Reason: Kristina demonstrated outstanding ability, showed commitment and persevered to achieve an outstanding outcome all round. She consistently achieved high grades in her internal and external assessments. Kristina his a parent so sometimes had to choose after hours to submit assignments sometimes the times varied between 12 midnight and 2 a.m. She did what she had to do to maintain her thirst for excellence.  English is not her first Language but it wasn’t a barrier she studied hard and learnt hard words with conviction. It paid off she excelled in her exams.

Outstanding commitment to study award for Advanced Learning

Veselina Ivanova

Nominated by: Philippe Close | Course: Access to Creative Digital Media

Reason: Veselina demonstrated a heroic commitment to learning both in college, and during the distance learning COVD19  phase of the course. At every stage Veselina asked what teachers wish students would ask (but rarely do), which was to intentionally ask the question “what is needed here, to get better?” and then Veselina would take the radical and revolutionary step of always directly acting on this advice! During the period where the college physically closed, Veselina and her family also returned to Bulgaria to weather the storm of the pandemic. This was a 4-day road trip which remarkably did not interrupt her learning at all! She was back in class online and submitting work for grading, achieving an attendance rate of 97.5% for the year and 100% punctuality. Veselina gained a place on the Digital Television Production Degree at Ravensbourne University.

Outstanding achievement award for Higher Education

Jin Hyun Lee

Nominated by: Harriet Hedden | Course: UAL L4 FAD FOUNDATION

Reason: From South Korea but a UK national, Jin is unique in being the sole student with English as a Second Language on the course. On the highly research based level 4 course he has demonstrated a resolute determination to engage with the challenging demands of the foundation course. Pleasant, cheerful and always diligent in his studies,  in full attendance and on time, Jin has demonstrated a model student approach to learning.  In addition to this he was able to bring a high level of transformation into his professional portfolio as part of his second term of work. From a reasonable entry level of Visual activity Jin has produced an astonishing outcome in the last part of his course developing a very high level of Visual outcomes for his digital project (under lockdown), presenting a design and architectural project based on his understanding and reflection on Korean art design, and light. Jin also secured places in all of his first choices for university applications both at Chelsea UAL, Westminster and Central Saint Martins – where he has accepted to study on the Architecture BA (Hons).

Outstanding commitment to study award for Higher Education

Emmanuelle Daniaud

Nominated by: Harriet Hedden | Course: UAL L4 FAD FOUNDATION

Reason: Manu arrived having faced a number of personal challenges in her past. A talented and intelligent artist she has shown a strong commitment to developing her own limits and extending and expanding her practice on the course. She has always  contributed thoughtfully to group discussions and is a key member of the year group. Manu has always been clear in her ambition to develop her practice as an artist and in the latter part of the course: as well as achieving a high level for her professional portfolio and gaining a place to study at Chelsea College of Arts she has been very proactive in coordinating and organising the show as a committee member for the student exhibition in September. She has shown a high level of maturity and has developed so much confidence in her skills and professional outlook,  beyond the normal expectation of the Foundation course. We are excited to see Manu continue her creative and professional pathway.

Return to Learning award

Juweyria Hassan

Nominated by: Rebecca Liaucius | Course: E2/E3 English

Reason: Juweyria returned to learning this year after many years away from formal education. She has shown enthusiasm and real commitment to her studies as shown by her attendance and achievement this year. She has also been a great encouragement to others on her course and it’s been a privilege to witness her regain confidence in English. I am very pleased that Juweyria will continue her studies at Morley next year. Juweyria was a case study using the ‘Wellbeing’ materials drafted by Debbie Ryle and Marie Powell for the ETF project in the English department. Her feedback and comments showed how much she appreciated the opportunity to talk about mental health in the classroom and how returning to learning had been a very important step for her.

Lifelong Learning award

Serkan Cifci

Nominated by: Susan Baker | Course: UAL L4 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design – Fashion

Reason: Serkan is a mature student who decided to return to education last year to fulfil his life long ambition of becoming a fashion designer. He completed the Level 1 Diploma in Fashion last year, gaining a distinction. He then made a huge leap directly to Level 4 (first student to do this at the college in Fashion) where he has worked with determination to prepare for future studies in Higher Education. Serkan’s positive attitude to learning and taking onboard criticism and advice meant that his work improved dramatically and he created a fantastic and unique portfolio of work that has gained his places at London College of fashion and Westminster university next year. Serkan has suffered from some recent illnesses including treatment for a tumour, but despite these set backs with his health, he has been committed to the course and has continued to work extremely hard to achieve his goals. I can think of no one who is more deserving of recognition for his success and work ethic.

Most Promising Learner award

Ishmael Brown

Nmoinated by: Philippe Close | Course: Access to Creative Digital Media

Reason: Ishmael has had one of the strongest learning journeys I have seen in my career. He came to the course having had a very challenging and difficult learning experience in his life in the past. After much discussion about the level of additional learning support he would require in order to succeed, we hesitantly started the journey on the course together. At the outset, Ishmael was not keen to submit work online for grading, due to a reluctance to repeat previous traumatic experiences. However, slowly but very visibly, Ishmael found and grew his inner-confidence and after 2-3 months on the course was completing work and catching up. Ishmael thoughtfully experimented with new learning strategies so that he could complete written work independently and begin to enjoy being in the classroom, finding success in his studies. Even amongst a challenging home environment within the COVID19 chaos, in one of the last units of the course (Professional Photography Practice) he achieved some of the best creative outcomes in the whole class. As a result of hard work and the huge personal journey he has undertaken, Ishmael was accepted to study Graphic Design at Chelsea College of Art.

Outstanding Individual Student Award

Veselina Ivanova

Course: Access to Creative Digital Media

Veselina is an outstanding student who achieved excellent academic results under very difficult circumstances.  The panel was impressed by the commitment and passion for learning that she displayed in the face of the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Her determination to carry on learning, whether it was  face-to-face or online, enabled her to achieve her personal objectives and gain a place at university. She is now well placed to continue her successful academic career and  fulfil her professional and personal ambitions.