Art Expert? Test Yourself on our Summer Shorts!

Test your knowledge in our weekly art quiz, this weeks questions are linked to the plethora of summer short courses here at Morley!

Bring your knowledge and see how you score! Then challenge your friends and see who could be the next Picasso! Answers at the bottom of this page.

1. :At what age did Rembrandt die?
33, 63, 28 or 90

(Join this course and learn about Rembrandt’s etchings – both theory and practice with Sotheby’s print expert Natasha Broad and artist/printmaker Soomin Leong)

2. What movement was William Morris part of?
Pre-Raphaelite, Design, English Arts and Crafts, Kelmscott

(William Morris is still as relevant today as he was 150 years ago. He is seen as the father of modern design and you can learn why in our new short course)

3. Name the artist:
John Martin, Carter Ratclliff, Charlotte Purkis, David Norbook

(This summer, examine ideas, look in detail and learn more about the Art of the Sublime: From Romanticism to Postmodernism)

4. What is this wood carving method called:
Electrotyping, Repoussage, Chip Carving

(Feeling inspired to give it a try? We have a two evening taster course to get the feel for wood carving.)

5. Which artist led the walkout of distinguished and disgusted Royal Academicians after the opening of the Sensation show in 1997?
Peter Blake, David Hockney, Craigie Aitchison

(Want to learn more? Enrol on our new course: Art History: Themes in contemporary art)

6. What is the name of the technique for shading using parallel lines that cross over other parallel lines?
Cross Hatching, Cross Scrumbling, Cross Blending

(Learn more both formal and experimental drawing and painting techniques through observation of the still life on this course.)

7. Hepworth became one of the few female artists of her generation to achieve …:
Bucksbaum award, Duchamp Prize, International Prominence

(Learn more about Hepworth and her involvement with ‘A Gentle nest of Artists)

8. Name the artist:
Matina Galati, Kirsty Swanson, Francois Bossiere

(Inks are either water soluble or water resistant once they are dry. These two characteristics can be used and manipulated in varied and exciting ways. Why not explore these many functions and effects with Morley?)

9. Which Russian Jeweller exhibited his Imperial Easter Eggs at the Paris Exhibition of 1900?
Ichien Ballaga, Carl Faberge, Ilya Klyuev

(On this course, explore jewellery making using precious and base metals. You will cover skills such as saw piercing, filing, texturing, soldering and polishing to create a beautifully finished piece of jewellery.)

10. Name this artwork:
Modelling Man, Juggling Man, Serving Man

(You too can create a masterpiece on this five day course provides an introduction to the art and techniques of lost wax bronze casting.)


  1. 63
  2. English Arts and Crafts
  3. John Martin
  4. Chip Carving
  5. Craigie Aitchison
  6. Cross Hatching
  7. International Prominence
  8. Matina Galati
  9. Carl Faberge
  10. Juggling Man