North Kensington Development Plans

The future of our North Kensington Centre on Wornington Road is bright, with extensive renovation plans in place. Work has begun with the creation of our amazing ‘Morley Heart Gardens’ constructed over the summer by students working with local entrepreneur Tayshan Hayden-Smith, and with support from the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation’s Green Shoots Fund.

“As part of the recent renovation of our garden area, we worked with students and community members as part of a summer enrichment programme. We were honoured to work with Tayshan Haydn-Smith on this project whose ‘Grow to Know’ company is a wonderful venture to have emerged following the Grenfell tragedy. Already these gardens are inspiring new students and staff to spend time sitting reflectively in the renovated space. Having been developed as part of a youth and community engagement project over the summer, this has given us new ideas for curriculum development and is a positive first step in story of the new Morley College North Kensington Centre ahead of the exciting redevelopment of the building.”

Craig Hanlon-Smith, North Kensington Centre Principal

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The North Kensington Centre, which serves the local community affected by the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire, will undergo major refurbishment and be protected as a community hub for education and skills. The future plans include a four-storey extension to create a new community hall and performance space, and external works to the main entrance to improve visibility.

Back in early March, Representatives from all three centres of Morley College London, the Save Wornington Road campaign and local and national government organisations came together to mark Morley’s merger journey and to take a look at the plans for the centres renovations.

“We’re all here this evening to celebrate the future of this college which is such a vital and integral part of everything that North Kensington is,”

“In this area you are never more than one person away from someone who has directly benefited from an experience at this college. There’s been education here for 146 years, and the idea that it can continue for another 125 years is absolutely fantastic.”

Ed Daffarn of the Save Wornington College Campaign and Grenfell United

“This is the milestone at the beginning of the next stage of the journey, a journey not just about renovating this building, but about breathing of new life into it as a centre of community education

Stuart Edwards, Chair of Governors at Morley College London

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“I’m very optimistic about the future of adult education and education in North Kensington

FE Commissioner Richard Atkins

“I’m very excited about this unique opportunity. We’re in a really vibrant, artisan community here, and we can now reflect that. I don’t think there’s any other college like this in London- it really is very special.

Student Governor Irene Lax

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