Q&A with Careers

Each week we’re catching up with different departments across the College to answer any burning questions that you may have. This week our Careers Lead, David, will be answering some of your questions regarding university, employability skills and more.

Q: If I’m unsure of what career path to follow after my course, what can I do to gain more clarity?

A: I would suggest that you focus on what you do well. Have a think about your skills and attributes and write these down. Then find out which jobs match up best with these. Here are a few online resources to help you begin the research, from Target Careers UK and National Careers Service

Q: What opportunities are there for the summer?

A: It’s a good idea to gain some really useful employability skills, or even gain valuable insight into your chosen career path. Employment 4 Students is a good place to start! It gives some practical places to start, as well as information around the minimum wage. 

Another very useful idea is to volunteer. Some of the more career-orientated opportunities are found in voluntary work. This is strongly recommended if you wish to enter the fashion or the Arts sector. A good starting point is Vinspired providing young people with volunteering and social action opportunities. 

Q: I have applied to go to university this year but worried how the current situation (with the lockdown) may affect this?

A: There is a lot of information on the UCAS website to support you; this includes info regards student finance. Your application will continue through the admissions process the same as it would if you had taken your examinations or assessments as expected. UCAS will still receive your grades from the awarding bodies and pass them on to your chosen universities. 

Q: If I think university is not right for me once I complete my course, what other options can I consider?

A: Going onto further study at the College, directly into work and apprenticeships are all options. You can look for jobs on sites such as Indeed or more career specific sites such as the Channel 4 Production Scheme for those wishing to go into the Media. 

Apprenticeships are a good way to earn while you learn or study. Please have a look at the National Apprenticeship Service.

Q: What industry is most likely to have job growth once the recent lockdown is over?

A: Although some industries have been hit hard by the recent pandemic, such as travel, hospitality and leisure. Some are on the rise. This is especially in front line jobs such as the NHS and the Social Care Sector. Technology has become increasingly important in the way that people communicate. Go to Career Map for more information.