Tips for Working From Home

By Jenny Macdonald, Jewellery Tutor

Our staff and students will be sharing some of their Working From Home tips, with the hope to inspire and motivate you during this time. Next to share their top tips is our Jewellery tutor, Jenny.

How are you coping? 

One of the main challenges for me has been the constant communication across different platforms that I have to keep up with from staff and students. Structure is so helpful at the moment, I have a timetable up in the hallway at my house, to keep me on track with things I have to do.

What are you top tips about working from home?

1. Break up the day

I make sure that I break-up my working day by talking to my family and friends during my breaks. 

2. Designate a work space

If you’re lucky enough to have more than one room where you are living, I think it is good to make a conscious effort to move between rooms for different activities. For example, making work calls in one room, and sending emails in another. Try not to stay in the same space for too long!

3. Ensure privacy

Make sure other members of the household know when you are on conference calls with a red/green card system that can be stuck up outside the room. 

4. Take breaks

Do try to take a 15-minute walk after breakfast and before your working day begins. It is a good way to feel you have a separation between home life and working life. As well as teaching, Jenny has also created some yummy treats during this lockdown, which she has been sharing on her Instagram (@jennymcdonald)

5. Have a chat

Check in with your colleagues – even if it is an informal conversation to say hello. 

Find out more about how our colleagues are coping during these times of social distancing/isolating by listening to our podcast, Co[v]ping Diaries via Morley Radio.