Morley tutor in Great Pottery Throwdown

Catch the latest series of Channel 4’s Great Pottery Throwdown from the beginning (or watch it again) and look out for our very own North Kensington Centre Ceramics tutor Ronaldo Wiltshire.

The show started on 8 January 2020, with the potters displaying their creative skills in a variety of challenges judged by leading ceramicists Keith Brymer Jones and Sue Pryke. You can catch up on All4 to see Ronaldo’s Bajan Chess Set, ‘Coconut Trees’ Breakfast Set and Aphrodite.

Ronaldo Ceramics

Barbados born Ronaldo moved to London at the age of 19 and started working with ceramics as a form of physiotherapy after an injury. He’s been teaching at the college for three years, with many students returning to study at the College due to his popularity and skills as both a ceramics artist and teacher. 

Ronaldo Wiltshire teaches at our North Kensington Centre.