Coffee with… Lexi Bradburn, Rhythm Tap Tutor & Administrator

Lexi Bradburn is an administrator in the School of Music & Performing Arts and teaches Rhythm Tap at Morley. A theatre performer and tap dancer, when she’s not at Morley Lexi is creating, producing, and performing in shows. 

I’ve been a Londoner since 2000. I came from a tiny little village in the West Country, but I love London. I can’t quite imagine what would take me somewhere else.

I think the best and worst things about being a Londoner are two sides of the same coin. I love that no-one cares what I wear, who I am. Everyone has their own identity here – there’s no one way of being, or dressing, or looking at things. But also there can be a lack of community at times and you can feel lonely in London. I think they go hand in hand.

My sense of direction is appalling but I’ve never been scared of being lost in London. I used to walk around with a mini A to Z in my bag when I first moved here. I love how massive it is, like a mini world. 

I really love Morley. It’s such a beautiful community of people and I work with a brilliant team. I love the gang of people that rock up to do tap dancing with me on a weekday evening, after their normal day of working. It’s really fun; I just love this environment. Every single room in the music corridor has something different going on, loud and noisy and fun. It’s brilliant; I think everyone should come and learn something here. 

My favourite corner of Morley is the Johnny Harris Studio Theatre. There’s something about it that makes me feel at home. I also love our Waterloo garden; we’re so lucky that we get to have this little quiet-ish oasis in the centre of London.

My teaching informs my artistic practice as much as my artistic practice informs my teaching. Tap is half, if not more, of what I do. The other half is comedy, clowning and physical theatre. Tap has a razzmatazz, relaxed vibe so people can mistakenly think it’s easy to learn. The way I teach is very technical and concentrated on tiny movements, and people can be surprised by that. I love teaching because it influences my art. I’m constantly discovering things through students; their mistakes often make brilliant ideas for new choreography!

I’m spending my time at home planning, delivering, uploading and explaining virtual tap-dance classes. This is taking a lot of time – but it is very welcome. 

I am also taking classes myself! I took a tap class with an incredible tap dancer and friend last week, and a Morley online class yesterday in Konnakol (the Indian rhythm counting system) with Asaf Sirkis. I’ve also found a website with daily challenging Japanese logic and number puzzles. It appears this isolation malarky is bringing out more geek in me than ever before!

If I had a superpower it’d be great to have go-go-gadget super bouncy legs. I could do some amazing tap stuff – loads of elevation. I could do all this amazing rhythm underneath before I land back down again.

I’m really enjoying cooking at home. I have never eaten more than 3 dinners a week at home in the last 20 years, as I work a lot of evenings. I am eating more healthily than in a very long time! I have been making Pea, Spinach and Mint soup. It includes the ingredients in the title, onion, garlic and stock. Simple but delicious.

I absolutely believe in living out the low moments without guilt- spending time feeling sorry for myself and not in limbo, half attempting to be productive, half angry, stressed, sad. This time is far from normal, and completely outside of anyone’s experience. We are not automatically programmed to sort ourselves out, move on, have creative online resources at our fingertips. That way, when it is time to knuckle down, I can – and without realising, I’ve given my brain a little space to be genuinely creative and ready to work.

I’d like to be remembered as a great person to have around, and that everything would be a bit quiet and boring without me. I’d like to think I’ll leave an artistic impact at Morley – that nobody could replace me!